Meet Gypsy - The Office Mascot!

Gypsy is a 2+ year old Yorkie-Poo mix that migrated from the slow southern comfort of South Carolina to the White Mountains of Arizona as a puppy.

This Southern Belle is the office mascot for Shalamar Realty... but considers herself more of an "office princess". She's always seen in her signature pink, from her pedicured tootsies to her haute coture fashion sense.

Gypsy loves people so much that she woofs every time someone walks in the door.. and usually when they leave too! It's her way of saying "Hey! Here I am! I know you're here to see me...". She's an affectionate girl that adores her belly rubs, and likes to visit on the couch.

Gypsy adores her toys, and has loads of them scattered across the floor of the office. You can frequently find that as soon as her toys are picked up, she very dilligently puts them all back out so that there's always a toy close to her paws. Her other favorite things in the world are her multitude of beds, chicken strips, kisses, going bye-bye, and horsies!

As a working doggie, Gypsy goes to the office every day with her family. She frequently travels to many of the houses and inspect them, giving them the "Gypsy Seal Of Approval".

As the mascot, Gypsy has inspired the office to support "No Paws Left Behind", a group that helps pets that are displaced and abandoned when a home is foreclosed. Gypsy wants everyone to remember that they need to speak for those that can't speak for themselves.

If you're in the area and you miss your pet, come pet our poochie!

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